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He turned 70 and he wanted a good old scavenger hunt on his birthday. So the guests were divided into six groups and sent on the road with an envelope. In each envelope a number of sheets with abstract shapes and texts and the possibility to write an answer in the open boxes.

A route could be derived from one of the sheets. The answers to the other abstract questions could be found on the way while walking this route. By observing the environment well, and with some creativity and logical thinking, the puzzles could be solved and that produced letters. Upon returning, the letters could be used to make a final word that told something about the birthday boy. The words of all groups together then formed one final solution.


Fresh Design › Young Europe about design


Bikeability is the theme of the 5th edition of Fresh Design. The subject came from the seemingly ordinary conversations about the daily lifes of young european people. Cities around the world know the issues related to urban transport, like traffic jams, noise and air pollution. Cycling is a sustainable form of transport. How can we improve urban bikeability?

In Wrocław, Poland, I met other young designers from Europe to reflect on this. The results of the workshops were presented on 21 May during the bike festival Dolnośląski Festiwal Rowerowy in the Centennial Hall in Wrocław. The models, videos and sketches were then to be seen at the exhibition at CRZ Krzywy Komin for a month.


Tribute to the love letter
Exhibition at MUSCOM The Hague


Nowadays the words that we share with our loved ones, are often sent through digital media. What is the value of such a message when it requires almost no effort and it always looks the same? With the raise of internet, social media and smartphones, the authentic love letter and slow mail delivery are being replaced by fast Facebook and WhatsApp messages. The Gallery Presents:, an art and research collective founded by Dana Dijkgraaf and me, asked artists and graphic designers, located in countries all over the world, one question: ‘how could a love letter look like these days?’

In the exhibition Tribute to the Love Letter 55 designers from 20 countries answer this question with their unique love letter. The love letters can be viewed from till at MUSCOM, Museum of Communication in The Hague.


De Kleine expositie
De grote geheugenshow


In the small exhibition De grote Geheugen Show a number of project are brought together, themed Memory/Memories. A wide theme with very diverse work. From a film, about how you can remember the world when you are blind, to a book based on photographs of a deceased grandfather.

Visit the exhibition De grote Geheugen Show from until 29 March at Rozet, Kortestraat 16, Arnhem.

Also read Herinneringen aan Fez on the blog of ArtEZ Studium Generale. ArtEZ alumni tell about their work and its relationship with memory, memories and/or (personal) history.




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